Search Help

To search my site, enter a word or multiple words in the "Terms" box. You can also select whether to search for "All" of the terms you enter or "Any" of the terms. Selecting "All" will only return items which contain all of the terms you enter within the specified search area. If you select "Any", then pages that have any of the words you entered will be listed. ("All" will usually return less results than "any.")

Then, select where to search for these words in the documents. You may search in the "Body" (the content of the web page), the"Title" (the official title of the web page) and "Meta subject" (subjects assigned specifically to pages). You should probably search for the terms using "Body" first. If that returns too many items, you might want to select a specific search area and/or add other terms to include in the search.

You also can select to search "Image subjects." In that case, you will be searching subjects I have assigned to the photos is various areas of the site. Once you select "Image subjects," the current list of subjects should display at the bottom of the screen. Click in the box to the left of the subject to automatically include that term in your search.

All searches are not case sensitive (lower- or uppercase does not matter).

To search for a phrase, include the words within quotes.

Close this box to return to the search screen.