Here are some random poems. I hope you like them.


Psalm 37

When those who do wrong,
Seem to win for so long,
Don't get carried along,
Let patience be your song!


God Walks Along

(Inspired by a Tony Evans sermon, 1/13/1997; Screwtape Letter #8, by C.S. Lewis; and Isaiah 50:10-11.)

God walks along close by my side,
Sometimes to cheer, sometimes to chide.
To teach me to trust, His face He hides,
Yet through it all, I know He abides.

When in darkness I must walk,
Along that road I often balk,
And question Him when'er we talk,
Allowing doubts a chance to stalk.

But if in darkness I light my own fire,
I say to avoid a deep, hidden mire,
As if before my situation were dire,
What I obtain instead is God's ire.

Yet when I go to my right mind,
The voice of Him my ear shall find,
If to His path my will I bind,
I surely see that His way is kind.

My friend, I ask are you this day,
In darkness along God's chosen way?
Don't light your own fire or you will pay.
Listen! Trust! Wait! and Obey!

And in His will you will stay.

Just a Little Word

One little word that's so easy to say,
So we see it abused day after day.

Yet its true meaning is so difficult to live,
For to receive it, you must be able to give.

It is patient, and kind, does not envy or boast,
Is not proud, nor rude, nor for itself seeks the most.

Not easily angered nor in evil delights,
But rejoices in truth and protects with its might.

Trust, hope, and patience in it are contained,
For where this word ever REALLY exists, it always remains.

Though someday our paths may no longer cross,
Since this word has come to us, it will never be lost.


The Rest of the Week

(Inspired in a chapel lead by Bruce Leafblad on 2/17/1998.)

On Sunday many will meet,
And warm their usual seat,
But where is God the rest of the week?

On Monday then we stumble,
Back to work we grumble,
But where is God the rest of the week?

On Tuesday off we go,
Errands, etc., don't you know,
But where is God the rest of the week?

On Wednesday, few will gather,
Most do other things they'd rather,
But where is God the rest of the week?

On Thursday, it's almost done,
One more and then some fun!
But where is God the rest of the week?

On Friday the week is through,
Our hobbies we can now pursue,
But where is God the rest of the week?

On Saturday, the Day of Rest,
Not us! Another conquest!
But where is God the rest of the week?

Back to Sunday, many will meet,
And warm their usual seat,
But where is God the rest of the week?


He bled and died,
Was pierced in the side,
Because of my pride,
He bled and died.

My Prayer

My prayer, oh God, for this new day,
Is that I might serve you in some good way.

In giving or loving or helping a friend,
In caring or sharing -- what'er You may send.

Your gracious gifts I can never repay,
So I'll share them with others 'til You call me away.


Psalm 1

Blessed are they,
Who stop and pray,
And don't go in the way,
Of the wicked any day.

But their delight,
Both day and night,
Is the law of Light,
Which gives them might.

The wicked, not so,
Like chaff which winds blow,
Reaping what they sow,
Into judgment they go.

The righteous grow deep,
Roots through storms keep,
Good fruit they reap,
While the wicked only weep.



Why to church do I go?
My religion to show?
To gain God's favor?
Or His presence to savor?

Why to God do I pray?
What do my words really say?
Is it a duty I owe?
Or God that I want to know?

Why do the hymns I sing?
Is it my praises to bring?
Does it my sin erase?
Or help me my God to embrace?

Why do the Bible I read?
Is it God's wisdom I need?
Is it to fill my mind?
Or God's will to find?

Jesus paid for me the price.
Nothing is left, no sacrifice.
No work that I could perform,
Would ever my life reform.

I must solely trust in God,
And depend upon His word.
No other way but to seek His face,
Will obtain for me saving grace.

I Call To You

(Written early in the morning, January 5, 2007)

It’s the first thing I say, when I begin a new day
It’s the last thing I do, when my day is through
And during each hour, it gives me power
I call to You.

When successes come in, and everything I win
When troubles abound, and my spirit is down
When I need a friend, on You I depend
I call to You.

Prayer is my guide, for in You to abide, for a safe place to hide
I call to You.

So when my life’s done, and the race has been run
I will see You at last, when this world has passed
To give You my praise, for all of my days
I call to You.

And with my last breath, before I taste death
I call to You.