Sunken sailboat off the coast of Lahaina
Lessons from the Beach
Black Sand beach
Lessons to be learned from the Titanic:
  1. Arrogance and pride are dangerous: (a) "God Himself could not even sink this ship" -- one of the crew to a passenger; (b) the whole "unsinkable" attitude
  2. Leaders should have leadership ability -- too many are put in their positions due to political or other motivation rather than the ability to do the job
  3. When the ship is going down, your money or power cannot save you -- it might help get you a place on the lifeboat, but even that is not for certain
  4. When someone's life is in danger, there appear to be three types of people: (a) someone who will sacrifice their life so that another might live, (b) someone who will do anything -- including sacrifice another -- in order to survive, and (c) one who would do anything EXCEPT sacrifice another in order to survive.
  5. Sometimes those who are most working to save the ship are the ones most likely to get left behind to go down with it. They are the type 4(a) person above.

Lessons from the beach:

  1. Some people look good on the beach, some people look bad on the beach, but most of us are just okay.
  2. If you are one of those who look bad or just okay, don't try to pretend to be one who looks good -- we can all tell the difference
  3. Waves are going to come crashing in -- they cannot be stopped, so don't try. Instead, plan accordingly. Some people ride the waves into the beach while others get smashed by all that water. It's the same wave. What makes the difference is what you do about it.
  4. If you build a castle in the sand, expect that it won't last. Either the tide will rise and wash it away, or someone will step on it and smash it. If you want something to last, you need a better foundation.
  5. If you sit on the beach, expect to get wet. (This also goes for water rides at amusement parks.) However, you can have a lovely time at the beach without getting in the water. Also, expect to get sandy. In fact, what's a beach without sand and water? Well, whatever it is, it's not a beach.
  6. It's very relaxing to listen to the sound of crashing waves -- if they aren't crashing onto you.
  7. A small child was sitting on the sand beside her father. As the tide began to rise, the water started rushing beside the child. She immediately began to crawl up in her father's lap because she knew he would take care of her. She continued to get wet, but as she held on to her father, she knew it was okay. So, if you aren't very big, hold on to someone who is.
  8. The waves bring in more than just shells. Sometimes they leave our trash behind on the beach. Of course, that gives us a second chance to dispose of it properly.
  9. Lifeguards are on the beach to help keep us from danger. When they blow their whistle at you, it's a good idea to listen to what they have to say.
  10. Really big waves (like tsunamis) can travel hundreds and even thousands of miles across the ocean with no more evidence on the surface than a small wave. It's when they get to the beach that their true size and force are revealed.
  11. Storms can pop up with very little warning and turn a perfectly lovely day into a mess -- unless you expect to get wet anyway.
  12. The tide comes in and goes out twice a day. It's due to a force far away, so don't take it personally. At least it's predictable.
  13. A day without work is like ... a vacation!
  14. Why is it that you don't see too many sad people at the beach? Do sad people not come to the beach or does the change in location affect their mood? I think the latter, but that means that far too many people let their circumstances determine their outlook. That should make me sad, but then again ... I'm at the beach!
  15. You are never too old to stop and pick up shells ... especially if you are with a young child.
  16. I think a father that would dig in the sand with his children has at least some idea about what is important,
  17. If you swim near a pier, don't be surprised if you get "hooked."
  18. People who wear skimpy swimming suits reveal more than the obvious: their character, their morals, their parent's morals, etc.
  19. The pier prohibits fishing for sharks. They realize that when you put out the bait, you sometimes get more attention than you bargained for. (Also see previous item.)
  20. Some dolphins just went by proving that even at the beach there will be some special, serendipitous moments that make you smile even bigger.
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