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In the regular course of life, I have dealings with lots of different companies. Some are good; some aren't so good. Those that have been exceptionally good or bad I'll detail below.

Company Comments
Best Buy BAD! Stay away from this "Worst Buy." When I bought my TV and DVD player, they really pushed the service policy. One of the selling points was providing preventative maintenance once a year. However, when I tried to schedule it, I was told that the policy does not cover preventative maintenance.
Dell GOOD! I am on my third Dell system (two desktops and one laptop). The only reason I got a new desktop was because the old one could not handle Windows XP. It actually still runs fine.
Honda VERY GOOD! I have over 100,000 miles on my 1998 CR-V and it is still holding up just fine.
Olympus GOOD! I have two Olympus digital cameras. They both take great shots and are working great. I dropped one once and, after repairing the on/off switch, it is still going.
Sears VERY GOOD! Craftsman tools -- what more can I say? Here's what: My preventative maintenance policy on my refrigerator, washer and dryer was a very good investment. When they came to work on these, they took their time and did a thorough check.

VERY BAD! Run away from this company. When I ordered phone service for my new house, it took two weeks to get my phone installed. Then, the phone line had static on it for months afterward. Since they couldn't install a phone, they decided to give me voice-mail so people wouldn't get no answer. However, I could never get it set up. I found out on my own that you have to set up voicemail the first time on your home phone -- but I didn't have a home phone; that's why they gave me the voice-mail. I had to tell their "customer service" person that little fact.

Since the quality of the phone line was so bad, I could not get a very fast connection through my dial-up Internet Service Provider. Therefore, I decided to check around for DSL service. It turns out that Verizon evidently has an exclusive contract for this area -- phone service, DSL, everything. So, I checked on their Web page about the availability of DSL -- however, I did NOT order it. The next day I got an e-mail which mentioned my recent order and that equipment would be shipped soon. The next morning I called Verizon and told them I did not order DSL and they should stop any shipment immediately. Their customer service person promised me it was stopped. Nevertheless, some days later, a box showed up on my front porch. I've never opened it, so I don't know what's in it, but I am lead to believe that it contains DSL equipment, because I received a bill for it. According to FTC guidelines, I do not have to pay for anything I did not order. But, I did send a letter to Verizon concerning the bill. Instead of responding to my letter, Verizon chose to turn over my case to a collection agency. I responded to the collection agency with the information I had sent to Verizon as well as some additional information I obtained from the Attorney General of the state of Texas. So far, no response from anyone else.

If you have comments or your own stories, please let me know.

Last updated March 9, 2005.