Christmas 2003

Dear friends and family,

This year will be characterized by the word "change" even though these changes have occurred over only the last couple of months.

The biggest change is employer. I have resigned from Southwestern Seminary effective January 5 (although my last physical day on campus was December 16). Being connected with SWBTS for just over 20 years (first as a student, then as an employee) makes leaving difficult, but I know it is the right thing for me at this time. After my resignation, the University of North Texas School of Library and Information Sciences offerred me a position as Project Coordinator for a grant. Additionally, I will continue adjunct teaching for SLIS. Eventually I would like to move into a full time, tenure-track teaching position -- either at UNT or elsewhere. This move will help make that possible.

The next biggest change is residence. I am looking to buy a home. At this time, I am still in the research stage, but there are several good possibilities. After all of these years paying rent, I would like to build a little equity.

Those are my major changes. Mother has moved as well -- to Mineral Wells, which is about an hour away. Nick is graduating and maybe moving -- and taking baby Madelynn with them I'm sure.

Of course, I have still been travelling. I hit six more states and Washington, D.C. this summer. I made a circle starting in Maryland, through Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and D.C. That was an interesting trip with lots of historic places. Also a wonderful visit with friends John and Martha in West Virginia -- thanks for the room and board! In D.C., one of my stops was the National Zoo. I took some photos of their Giant Pandas and submitted one to their photo contest. It was one of 10 third-place finishes! (See it on my vacations page for D.C.)

Another fun trip was into the Hill Country of Texas with friends. Actually there were two trips, but one was a quick-trip for an Eagle-watching cruise on Lake Buchanan.

And, finally, I crossed Arkansas off the not-yet-visited list this December. This was a weekend trip to Hot Springs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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