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These are some of the last books I have read (or, am reading) and some comments on them. Not listed here are works I am reading for any of my jobs.

Book Comments
Your Money Counts by Howard Dayton I am taking a class at church about finances, hoping to be able to be a "coach" for people who have problems in this area. This book is on of the readings for that course. Lots of very good principles.
C.S. Lewis's Case for Christ by Art Lindsley An interesting book about C.S. Lewis' ideas about faith, reason, etc.
What Has Christianity Ever Done for Us? by Jonathan Hill Christianity has been "entangled" (as the book calls it) with Western culture for centuries. (I would say from its beginning.) This book shows the impact that Christianity has had on Western society.
The Design Revolution: Answering the Toughest Questions about Intelligent Design by William A. Dembski Not for the "faint of heart," this work is a VERY technical discussion concerning intelligent design. It is very slow-going, at least for me, but very informative.
Unexplained Mysteries of World War II by William B. Breuer This is a book of short stories about incidents that happened before and during World War II. The common theme running through them all is that something about it remains "unexplained" even after all of these years. For example, in November 1939, someone delivered to British officials in Norway a box containing information on many of the new weapons Germany was developing. To this day, it is undocumented who had possession of those and decided to give them to the British.
A View from the Zoo by Gary Richmond I met Gary and his wife on a Swindoll cruise to Alaska a few years ago. He told some extremely funny stories and I had to buy some of his books so I could read them again. He illustrates spiritual points from funny things that happened while he worked at the Los Angeles Zoo.
The MacArthur Daily Bible I've read the Bible through for many years; sometimes just the NT, Psalms and Proverbs and sometimes all of it. I like this arrangement better than others.
Lord, Teach Me to Pray by John MacArthur I read this book on my latest vacation (usually in an airport or on an airplane). He brings together many things about prayer that I have read or heard elsewhere. His combination is unique (as far as I know), but otherwise to me it was not new material. He did have so comments that caused me to think. This is another worthy book to read while traveling.
A Bright Tomorrow: Words of Wisdom for the Days Ahead The chapters are quotes from various authors on a particular topic. The authors include Tony Evans, John MacArthur, J. I. Packer, Nancy Carmichael, and more. This compilation is a Billy Graham Library Selection. It's a great book to read while traveling.
From The Holocaust to Hogan's Heroes: The Autobiography of Robert Clary The story of Robert Clary who played Lebeau on the popular series. Clary was a French Jew who spent several years as a teenager in German concentration camps. He was one of very few from his neighborhood who survived. Later he was cast on Hogan's Heroes which was set in a German prisoner of war camp. Very interesting if you are familiar with the series, although only a small part of the book is about the program.
The Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren He takes five life-purposes that I have heard for many years and expands and expounds on them. The five purposes are: worship, discipleship, fellowship, service, and ministry. I read this with my church as we followed this plan for forty days. Interesting and may help you focus on your life-purposes.
Blind Man's Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage by Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew This book contains various stories of submarine espionage during the Cold War. I saw the special on The Discovery Channel (or The History Channel, or one of those) first and had to get the book. Very interesting! Contains some military language, so it's not recommended for those with "sensitive ears."

If you have suggestions for reading material, please let me know.